Know Your Identity

One of the most common questions pondered in life is “Who am I”? We may know: how to do our jobs, what peaks our interests, and how to mask the pain of this unanswered question. However, it is only by being able to answer it that you can find peace in your soul and joy for your heart. Knowing “Who you are” will establish you  in your extreme value before God and man. It’s not just something you need to know, it’s something you were created to know.

Discover Your Purpose

Knowing “WHY” you were created is the foundation that all education should be built upon. Yet when was the last time you heard of a school giving homework on discovering your purpose? Probably never, or far disproportionate to what is actually being taught. Yet people go to school for decades and most end up with less money and life to fulfill their purpose with. Clarity of Purpose is the starting point of any pursuit and the foundation to building a life of satisfaction without regrets. If you don’t know your purpose in life, then your current purpose is to discover it.

Live Your Vision

Why do we ever lack motivation, drive, or excitement in life? Why does depression and hopelessness easily take over? Nothing destroys our God given power faster than a lack of God inspired vision. As Myles Munroe said, “A visionless life, is a poverty-stricken experience”. No amount of success manuals, planners, checklists, and goal achievement boards will change that. These are all outward functions. A true vision is a function of your spirit, giving the power to make the unseen visible and the unknown possible. A clear vision is the key to prospering in ALL areas of life. 


Tired of always wondering what the next step is for you life? Tired of feeling the pain of knowing you were made for more but don’t know how to tap into it? It’s easy to get stuck when we live in a world that is constantly telling us what to believe and do with our lives. To help you break out of the boxes and closed doors culture and voices have tried to give you, I created The “3 Keys To Unlocking Your Calling”. Giving you the highly neglected but first step to liberating your calling. Here we will go over the foundational things you must know in order to break out and start living the life you were created for.  

After “Unlocking Your Calling” and being liberated to pursue the unique call on your life, the next step is to go on a journey of discovery. Answering the questions of “Who am I”   “What was I created for” “What makes me different” “How was I uniquely wired to achieve success”. This is so much more than a class. It’s a one of kind course that mixes together teaching, mentoring, and coaching. Guiding you down a path of discovery unlike anything you have ever experienced before. I won’t tell you what to think, I will show you how to go on journey with your Creator and discover the answers to these questions in your heart.


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