Discover Your Destiny



Discover Your Identity & Values

Discover who you are at the core of your being, so you can answer the question “Who Am I”? This way you can honor your identity in everything you’re doing.

VIDEO #1: Discovering Your Identity & Values

VIDEO #2: The Core of Your Successful Life

VIDEO #3: Fueling Your Fullness

VIDEO #4: Defining Your Value

Discover Your Purpose

Answer the question “What Was I Made For”? Liberating yourself from an unsatisfied life is usually as simple as bringing your actions into harmony with your identity and purpose. 

VIDEO #1: Defining Purpose

VIDEO #2: Decoding Purpose

VIDEO #3: Discovering Your Purpose

VIDEO #4: Living Your Purpose

Discover Your Vision

Do you have a vision or an idea? In this class your eyes will be opened to what a True Vision is and its power in your life. Most people think they have a vision but what they really have is an idea. Here you will discover a True Vision that awakens your ability to create and steward your future. 

VIDEO #1: A Lost Soul

VIDEO #2: The 3 Levels of Vision

VIDEO #3: The Power of Vision

VIDEO #4: Reasons People Fail Their Vision (Part 1)

VIDEO #5: Reasons People Fail Their Vision (Part 2)

VIDEO #6: Discover & Live Your Vision

Discover Your Success DNA

Learn what a successful life is for you, and avoid following someone else’s path. This way you can live a Fully Satisfied and Successful Life. 

VIDEO #1: Discovering Your Success DNA

VIDEO #2: Defining A Successful Life

VIDEO #3: Defining Your Success

VIDEO #4: The 5 Components To A Life Of Fullness


Professional Coaching Guide

An extremely detailed Coaching Workbook which would be the equivalent to hiring your own Personal Coach! 

A True Professional Coach (someone who helps you discover the answers, not tell you the answers) is extremely rare. Most people who call themselves coaches are just mentors. 

It can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour to hire a “True Professional Coach” but it’s more valuable than someone who has never experienced its power can truly understand. This is why highly successful and extremely wealthy people pay a LOT of money for it. 


Because it’s rare and so valuable, hiring a “True Professional Coach” costs more than most can afford.

NOT anymore! 
I do NOT want anything to hinder you from knowing and fulfilling your created purpose. This is why I am including this powerful tool with the life changing classes of Discover Your Destiny. 
The Discovery Guide Workbook takes you step by step into greater awareness and clarity and acts as your guide to discovering your identity, values, vision, purpose, and how to live into it all.
I’m doing this because I want you to BE and DO everything you were created for. Not only will you be happy, but this world (including me), will be better off because of it. 

Discover Your Destiny

This is what I'm giving you!
  • Discover Your Identity ($250)
  • Discover Your Purpose ($250)
  • Discover Your Vision ($250)
  • Discover Your Success DNA ($250)
  • Professional Coaching Guide ($1,500)





No Risk, Just Unlimited Potential. I know this process will help you in the pursuit of your fullness IF you apply yourself to it. I believe in it enough to give you a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So prioritize yourself today and invest in your greatest asset – YOU!

  • The next step to self discovery and living in the fullness you were created for.
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